Update – 1.5 Years and Still Growing!

It’s been another 6 months. It’s wild how quickly time flew by!

In the past 6 months, I’ve been pretty busy with non-blog related things. For example, I started a Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign and started playing in a Hyperlanes campaign. Well, I guess those are sort of related to the blog, but I’ve been busy with work and stuff too.

Oh, I learned how to make pizza! That was a huge milestone for me that I will look back on quite fondly someday. Though honestly, it was done out of necessity rather than interest. The pizza around here sucks. I miss Boston where you could walk like 15 minutes in any direction and find a decent place.

But, enough about me. Let’s talk about Dungeon Solvers!

My Previous Update’s Goals

  1. Write at least 1 review per month.
  2. Edit/rewrite the remaining pre-2018 articles that warrant revisions.
  3. Go through underperforming articles once they’ve hit their year+ mark. Determine if they need a revision, a rewrite, or if I should cut my “losses”.
  4. Pay more attention to up and coming projects. I’ve had some cool stuff dropped on my lap due to sheer luck. I’m afraid of all the stuff I’ve missed out on!
  5. Continue to write 2 articles every week.

I kind of dropped the ball here. I’ve been pretty busy these past 6 months and updating old content has taken a backseat in my priority list. I may take a Monday or Friday “off” from posting just to do this sometime in the future.

I went a bit too strong on the 1 review per month idea. I wrote like 3 in March and then did 4 since in the following 5 months. So yes, I’ve technically written an average of over 1 review per month, but that wasn’t the spirit of the goal.

A good review takes a lot of time to do. I definitely underestimated that for this goal.

Site Metrics

I love how every time I write one of these updates I find my past self giddy with how far my metrics have improved, only to completely dumpster those numbers in the next six months.

Last time the site was hitting 750 page views and 500 visitors a day. Now we’re hitting 2850 page views and 2000 visitors a day.

dungeon solvers yearly views are just under 400k this year
We’re well on the way to hit half a million page views by the end of the year!

While 90%+ of these views come from search engines like Google still, there’s been a bit of success in social media. Of course, that’s no thanks to my efforts.

Actually, saying that I put any effort into social media feels super disingenuous. My twitter feed is just automated Dungeon Solvers articles, pictures of my cats, and Fire Emblem shitposts. Not that I have any issues with that.

Huge thank you though to D&D Blogs (Sly Flourish), rpg.fyi, and @varnished_truth who regularly share my work on social media. Of course, thank you for everyone else who shares my work as well.

Also, a shout-out to ThinkDM for linking me on Reddit because I’m even worse at Reddit than I am at everything else!

What’s Next

  1. Add plot hooks for old Monster Monday articles.
  2. Check up on underperforming articles and triage as necessary.
  3. Possibly participate in the RPG Writer Workshop if time allows (I missed the last one in July!)
  4. Continue to keep up with writing 2 articles a week.

My goals are fairly light for this next 6-month chunk of time. It’s not that I don’t think I have anything to improve upon. My current focus IRL is to get a new job, so obviously the blog and everything else comes secondary to that.

And for the record, I’m not out of a job or anything! I just need something new.

Regardless, this 6-month cycle is going to primarily be a time of personal improvement. I want to fix articles that I feel to be lacking. I want to improve old articles.

If time permits, I want to at least learn a bit about writing RPG modules and supplements. If for nothing more than just to be more informed on the process! I think this would be valuable to learn as a reviewer, plus if it’s fun maybe I’ve found a new hobby for myself.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me, enjoyed my work, or given me feedback on how to improve! It means a lot!


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