Wizard of Combat is Out Now!

Last year I started writing for Johnn Four’s Wizard of Combat course. I learned a ton throughout the process and Johnn was a phenomenal mentor.

The course, as a whole, teaches GMs how to run combat encounters faster, more efficiently, and flat-out better. It’s a system-neutral course at its core so GMs can apply what they learn to any TTRPG system.

However, there are a few add-ons included in the $67 beta access package. One of which is the 25-lesson D&D 5e Combat Course which is written by yours truly. It’s got tons of advice on running in-depth and engaging 5e combat encounters. Such as:

  1. Using traps in combat encounters
  2. Creature synergies
  3. Battlemap design
  4. Combat tactics
  5. Creature customization
    …and much more!

My favorite aspect of the course is that every lesson contains examples of the topic as well as take-home activities to give you a chance to see the topic in action before game night.

Wizard of Combat is a phenomenal resource for GMs of all experience levels. It has plenty of lessons to show newer GMs the ropes while giving seasoned GMs a deeper understanding of game design to elevate their TTRPG campaigns to the next level.

Plus, if you do decide to check it out, you can use my affiliate link to help support Dungeon Solvers and my work!

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