The purpose of Dungeon Solvers is to create articles for the tabletop gaming hobby. The primary focus will be on Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition since that is my preferred system, but there will be system neutral articles as well as articles for other TTRPG systems that I dabble in.

Most of the articles featured on Dungeon Solvers are focused on providing analysis on character creation, mechanics, encounter balance, and other facets of D&D 5e. Story-writing, role-playing tips, and character/NPC creation articles will also be regular topics as they’re a huge part of playing RPGs.

Homebrew content is something that may pop-up time-to-time, but it’s by no means a focus here. I love to analyze, dissect, and learn about systems considerably more than I enjoy creating things from scratch.

Tutorials and reviews for RPG tools, software, and products will be featured here as well. Some of these posts may be sponsored, but that will be clearly defined within the article. Payment in the form of money or free products will not influence the opinion of the review.

You can expect 1 article per week to be posted here at Dungeon Solvers. These will be posted every Monday at 11 AM EST. I may post the odd article or a guest post on a Friday, read here for more info on the change of schedule! You can find out any changes to this schedule by following my Twitter account.

On-Going Series

We have some on-going article series here at Dungeon Solvers as well. These series may have a regular posting schedule. The more involved series, such as D&D 5e Character Builds, will be posted on a semi-regular basis, but will not have a defined schedule.

D&D Monster Monday Header Image

D&D Monster Monday (Every-Other Monday) – Eldadres chooses a D&D 5e creature and does a deep-dive on it. These articles discuss lore, creature mechanics, and tactics for using the creature to its highest potential. He also gives his opinions on how powerful the creature is compared to its CR as well as his general thoughts on the creature’s design.

D&D 5e Character Build Post Header

D&D 5e Character Build (Once Every 1-3 Months) – Learn how to create a specific character in these character builds. These builds feature a walkthrough of levels 1-20 in D&D 5e and showcase what abilities, features, spells, and options you should take for creating a specific character to fill a niche or role. These builds are typically not focused on min-maxing, but that’s not out of the question for future character builds!

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RPG Product Reviews (As Requested or Desired) – As previously mentioned, we will partake in reviewing products such as RPG Sourcebooks, Adventure Modules, Tools, Software, and anything else we are interested in about Tabletop Role-Playing Games. These reviews are not rated using any kind of score. Instead, we discuss what we like and dislike about the product and whether or not we feel it is worth the price.

Sounds Good to You?

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