Product Review: Metallic Dice Games (Now FanRoll Dice)

Product Review Metallic Dice Games

Just shy of two weeks ago I was contacted by Adam of Metallic Dice Games regarding an affiliate deal with his company. He also sent me a variety of dice samples to take a look at and review here.

For the record, each set included:

2d10 (one percentile die)

Metallic Dice Games is a family business out of Fort Wayne Indiana and has been in business since 2013. They sell affordable dice that come in a wide variety of materials and colors. That’s how they get you, there’s a bit of something for everyone.

As you may know, I’ve played all my games virtually for quite some time. Ergo, I’ve never quite “gotten” the dice craze. However, after taking a look at these dice (and distractedly rolling them throughout work meetings) I can say I get it now.

ALl four sets of dice and the dice tray in their packaging. The hand crafted dice come in their own metal carrying case.
Everything came neatly packaged. The handcrafted dice set came in a small metal carrying case.

As you can tell from the sidebar, I’m a fan of their work. Also, they gave the site a cool coupon (DungeonSolvers10) to use to get 10% off your order if you find yourself itching for some new dice after reading my thoughts!

Hand Crafted Sharp Edge Dice: Thousand Day Red

A full set of Metallic Dice Game's Handcrafted Thousand Day Red. Clear dice with gold numbering and a violet flower in the center
Hands-down my favorite set of the bunch. They’re gorgeous to look at!

The Thousand Day Red set came in a foam-insulated metal carrying case. Due to that special treatment, I opened them first. Even with that being the case, they’re still my favorite set of the bunch.

These dice are one of Metallic Dice Games’ handcrafted plastic dice sets. And while they’re not cheap with a regular price point of $70, they’re well worth the cost with regards to both the quality of the craftsmanship and the materials used.

The edges of the dice are sharp and finely honed. The gold numbering stands-out and pairs well with the purple flower that rests in the center of each die. They’re beautiful to look at.

Thousand Day Red D8 showing the violet flower in the center of the clear die
A closeup of the flower in the center of the d8.

The d6 in the set is my favorite even though I found the d8 to be much more photogenic. It’s a tad larger than the other sets’ d6s so it was a blast to roll!

Stardust Galaxy

Stardust Galaxy. Black and blue dice with glitter
These were cool to look at in all the different lighting in my apartment.

The Stardust Galaxy set is made of acrylic and it was the most subtle of the bunch. At first glance they looked like a standard blue and black set of dice, however, the glitter in the acrylic material made them pop once I looked at them in the various lighting around my apartment.

They’re the most affordable set on the list coming in at roughly $10. I think this is a super affordable price point for them. They feel like more of a “standard” set of dice in my limited experience. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a great looking set of dice for 10 bucks.

The white numbering on this set is super easy to read without taking away from the unique coloration of the sparkly blue dice.

Pearl: Gradiant Purple/Teal/White

The pearl resin set has a cluster
The pearls in the center give this set a mermaid-flavored flair.

The Pearl set is made of resin and it feels sharper than the Stardust Galaxy set. Its edges feel much more defined.

Metallic Dice Games has quite a few variations of their pearl set. All of which include small beads in the center of each die that uniquely conform to the shape of it. They’re cool to look at.

The set I got was the purple, teal, and white set which gave off some mermaid vibes. Alas, we already chose Curse of Strahd for our next campaign so even these can’t coax me into running a seafaring adventure.

The dice themselves are all clear giving you an unhindered view of the pearls at their core. The white numbering matches the set and is easy to read.

This set and all of the other Pearl resin sets are $16. I think this is a solid price for the set as the resin feels like higher quality material. Also, the added feature of the pearls is a wicked cool aesthetic. I’m a big fan of the teal and copper variant they have on the site too!

Antique Copper w/ Black Enamel

black metal dice. The numbers and accents are copper.
I never saw the appeal of metal dice but I spent half of a work meeting rolling these. I get it now.

If it weren’t for the Thousand Day Red set these beautiful bastards would’ve been my favorite. They are so fun to roll. They feel heavy and make a satisfying thud when they hit the center of my dice tray. I cannot wait to roll up to a physical table and flex with these someday.

Black and copper is a tried and true color combination and it works spectacularly with this set. Plus it matches the dice tray they sent me so MDG gets some bonus points for that move. They also have a set of these with red enamel instead of black.

Metal dice are not cheap to make. It should come as no surprise that these are on the pricer side. However, at a price point of $40, they’re quite a good deal. Especially compared to other sets of metal dice I’ve seen online and at cons. You can also buy each die in the set for $6 apiece.

All in all, this is a fantastic set for someone on the lookout for some metal dice!

Velvet Dice Tray w/ Leather Backing 

A collapsible black dice tray with a velvet inside and leather outside
It took all of 5 seconds to pop all the buttons together and set this dice tray up.

Metallic Dice Games also sent me a dice tray. As you can see at the top of this article, the tray can be packed completely flat if you undo all the buttons on it. Making it convenient to carry around in a backpack or bag should your games be hosted somewhere outside of your house.

The inside of the tray is made of a black velvet fabric that is soft to the touch. The outside of the tray is made of black leather with metal buttons on each of the corners for setup/breakdown.

The materials do a great job of softening the impact of the dice on the table while also quieting the sound generated from the impact. Especially with regards to the metal set of dice I’ve been fiddling around with all week.

At $16 this tray is a great option for its price point. It’s plenty large enough to work as either a personal dice tray or one that everyone can share in the center of the table. The tray is portable while still being effective at its job.


All in all, the products I received from Metallic Dice Games were high quality and well worth each of their price points. I’m itching to make an excuse to use all of these in a game sometime in the future.

It was cool to learn about all the different materials that dice are made out of. I’m a complete dice novice so it was interesting to see and feel the difference between the acrylic Stardust Galaxy and the resin Pearl sets, for example.

As someone who originally didn’t get the whole “dice craze”, my opinion has been swayed. I can see myself picking out sets based on the campaign I’m running or the character I’m playing. It’s a fun aesthetic for when you play in person!

Be sure to check them out! It’s always great to support a small business, especially when they make quality products like these.

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