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RPG Sourcebook Reviews

Which D&D 5e Book Should You Buy? – A review on all of the official D&D 5e books by Wizards of the Coast. This article is continuously updated!

The Simple RPG – A unique fantasy RPG system that only requires a pencil, a piece of scrap paper, and 1d6 to play.

D&D 5e Module Reviews

Beastmaster’s Daughter – A free adventure for a party of 3-6 level 3 characters. Help corral the escaped creatures of a magical zoo!

Clucks of Despair – Break up an illegal, goblin-run, chicken fighting ring that’s been terrorizing the surrounding farmlands!

Death House – Explore a haunted mansion in the Village of Barovia and slay a beast that is terrorizing the children that inhabit it.

The Fasting Worm at the Spider Feast – An Underdark themed module for a party of 3-5 level 8 characters.

The Great Trial – A mid-level dungeon crawl through three brutal floors of a famous artificer’s magnum opus!

Tomb of Horrors – Kobold Meat Grinder Style – A unique take on the Tales from the Yawning Portal module, Tomb of Horrors.

D&D 5e Supplement Reviews

Auction Encounters – Create your own auction or auction-centric adventure with this book full of information, tables, and mechanics for auctions!

BEINGS from BEYOND – An extensive supplement full of information and tables on angels, demons, and devils.

Build-A-Were Workshop – A new take on lycanthropy in 5e that enables anyone to create werecreatures of their very own.

The Dab – A 5e supplement packed with froggy content! A new race, subclasses, feats, and vehicles all packed to the brim with meme magic!

It’s Still Real To Me, Dammit! – 14 brand-new subclasses all chock-full of professional wrestling flavor!

Puppeteer – A brand new class that provides both wacky social antics and intense battlefield control!

Mark of the Vestige – Revamped vestiges from 3.5e’s Tome of Magic and new magical items!

Necromancy Can Be Good – 21 brand-new necromancy spells and a more!

The Book of House – Clowns, Lycanthropes, and Guy Fieri! What more could you possibly want? Well, it probably has all that stuff as well!

Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde – A creature compendium with new flavors and twists on some of D&D’s most iconic creatures!

D&D 5e Tools Reviews

Digital D20 – A review of an all-in-one D&D 5e app that includes enhanced modules.

Is Inkarnate Pro Worth It? – A review of the paid version of Inkarnate.

Kobold Fight Club: Balanced Encounters on the Fly – Take a deep dive into the encounter calculator, Kobold Fight Club!

Making Battle Maps with Dungeon Painter Studio – Learn about the battle map-making software, Dungeon Painter Studio.

Making Custom Monsters Using D&D Monster Maker – A great free program to help you quickly format homebrew creatures!

RPG Props and Accessories

Metallic Dice Games – A family-owned dice company that sells affordable, high-quality dice and dice accessories!

The Magical Draught of Happenstance – A prop that gives your players a random effect with every sip their character takes!

Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition – A high-end, yet affordable microphone perfect for avid VTT players and DMs!