beastmaster’s daughter

D&D Monster Monday: Hydra

D&D Monster Monday Header Image

You’re making quick work of this vicious beast. Two heads down, three to go. You turn to cheer at your companions but are met by expressions of pure horror. Slowly, you turn back to face the hydra as it stares you down with four new heads baring a set of piercing sharp teeth. You may […]

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Beastmaster’s Daughter – D&D 5e Module Review

Beastmaster's Daughter D&D 5e Adventure Module

Beastmaster’s Daughter is a D&D 5e one-shot module written by Dave B. Stevens recommended for a party of 3-6 3rd level characters. The party responds to a job advertisement posted in a tavern not far away from the Aldritch Research Centre & Zoo. The job description is mysterious, but pays extremely well! What comes next […]

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