Improving Your D&D Campaign One Dungeon at a Time

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Homebrew Rule: Lightfoot Halfling Rogues and Ranged Sneak Attack

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Part of the reason why a few of my players…

Planning a West Marches Campaign in D&D 5e

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I mentioned a while ago in my post about sandbox D&D 5e…

Incorporating Alts in a D&D 5e Campaign

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One facility that I didn’t mention in my previous Adventurer’s Guild…

How to Create a Memorable D&D Villain

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I’ve mentioned more than a few times now that I…

How to Select the Perfect Creature(s) for a Combat Encounter

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D&D Monster Monday Frost Giant Everlasting One

D&D Monster Monday: Frost Giant Everlasting One

May 2, 20231

A chorus of roars echoes throughout the valley. Your blood turns to ice as you stand there petrified. Soon after, an audible crash and crunch sound comes from behind you. You turn to see your ally’s body lying in the snow, limp, crushed below…

D&D Monster Monday Goblin Boss

D&D Monster Monday: Goblin Boss

May 3, 20230

You go to run the well-armored goblin boss through with your rapier. In a flash,…

D&D Monster Monday Girallon

D&D Monster Monday: Girallon

May 4, 20230

Bowling was a frequent choice for birthday parties when I was growing up. However, it…

D&D Monster Monday Peryton

D&D Monster Monday: Peryton

May 5, 20230

You watch in horror as out of nowhere your compatriot, Dathoridan, is run-through by a…

D&D Monster Monday Werewolf

D&D Monster Monday: Werewolf

May 4, 20230

It’s the final Monster Monday before Halloween! As you know, I’m contractually obligated to highlight an appropriately-spooky…