Improving Your D&D Campaign One Dungeon at a Time

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Like this post on RPG StackExchange states, pg 83 of the DMG…

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Part of the reason why a few of my players…

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D&D Monster Monday Grick

D&D Monster Monday: Grick

May 5, 20230

You wake up surrounded by harsh hissing. Before you can react you feel a thud on your chest. An enormous, snake-like grick has landed on top of you. A sharp pain originates in your abdomen as you feel its sharp beak dig into your…

D&D Monster Monday Girallon

D&D Monster Monday: Girallon

May 4, 20230

Bowling was a frequent choice for birthday parties when I was growing up. However, it…

D&D Monster Monday Frost Giant Everlasting One

D&D Monster Monday: Frost Giant Everlasting One

May 2, 20231

A chorus of roars echoes throughout the valley. Your blood turns to ice as you…

D&D Monster Monday The Magma Bear

D&D Monster Monday: The Magma Bear

May 1, 20230

As you slowly clamber down the side of the volcano you come across a small…

D&D Monster Monday Werewolf

D&D Monster Monday: Werewolf

May 4, 20230

It’s the final Monster Monday before Halloween! As you know, I’m contractually obligated to highlight an appropriately-spooky…