Post-undergrad life has been pretty interesting.

I’ve moved twice now for two different jobs. I worked as a Software Engineer for almost a year and realized that I really did not enjoy it at all. The fast-paced environment coupled with a poor work-life balance created a ton of stress. I ended up gaining back pretty much all of the weight I lost in college and just overall was a bit bummed out.

But that all changed when I quit my job and started working for my current company as a QA Engineer and it’s actually really great! Breaking stuff for a living is awesome.

My girlfriend and I adopted two black cats, Akira and Addie, they’re awesome too. Akira is 3yrs and Addie is 1.5yrs. It’s probably obvious which one I named.

Since the new year, I started working out again and eating healthy. I’ve kept up with it for almost three months now so I’m pretty pumped.

My 5E campaign with my old college roommates (and my dad now too) has been an absolute blast. Reading the Session 0  post I made a year and a half ago and seeing where the campaign has progressed to is pretty mind-blowing. My players have seriously gotten good at role-playing too. I’m honestly really proud of them, but I don’t want that to get to their heads.

Not only that, but I’ve branched out from just 5E. Though it’s still my favorite game thus far. I’ve been playing some Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and Apocalypse World to name a couple. I actually just MC’d my first Apocalypse World session this past Monday as a small break from our 5E campaign.

And that brings me to here. Something came over me to start reading my old blogs and whatnot just to reminisce about the “good old days”. I think I want to start writing again. I miss writing for fun.

So that’s where we’re at. I’m going to be updating the site quite a bit first as I think about the future of Dungeon Solvers.

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