Update – 6 Months Back in the Saddle

I was debating whether or not to do this, but ultimately I decided I should. Today marks 6 months from this post where I broke a very, very long hiatus from writing/blogging on the internet, and it’s become one of the best decisions I’ve made in quite some time.

I feel like my writing skills have improved significantly since I began. As far as Dungeon Solvers is concerned this is a good thing, but this has been extremely helpful for writing my own games and my work.

I’ve also learned how time-consuming it is to write on a regular schedule after a regular work week. I had severely underestimated this when I first started and went with a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. I’m glad I switched to just Mondays and Fridays shortly after that because I would’ve burned out quite some time ago.

I’ve learned a lot about how running a blog/website works in general as well. For instance, when I started I was very aggressive with some changes that hurt the site. While I’ve since recovered I could actually be doing a bit better if I never made a few of those changes. Oh well!


I’ve learned a TON about analytics and how to use them for the site (and in general). Part of this is because you definitely need to be on top of your analytics to some degree to have any success as a content creator. What are people reading? How are they reading it? What are they searching for on google to find me? How do I rank against the competition?

You need analytics to answer these, but you also need to set up your analytics properly and learn how to filter out bot traffic. You also need to take your analytics with a grain of salt. This is a hobby and many times I’ve written posts that I enjoy writing instead of something that would be successful in the search engine rankings.

This info didn’t come to me overnight either, it took me about 2 months to figure out I had set up my google analytics tracking incorrectly, and I finally figured out yesterday that it wasn’t properly filtering out all the bot traffic the site gets.

wordpress site stats
May had a surprising surge because a site that held a few top-ranking spots on Google went down for the month so I grabbed a lot of their traffic. Outside of that, I’ve seen steady improvement!

That being said, we’re still seeing an average of 300 page views and 200 visitors per day. When I restarted the blog back in Mach we were at 60-80 per day. I’m seriously ecstatic that’s such great progress!

The site has been in the black since July as well after I put in some Amazon Associate links to a few of my posts the site. It was a goal of mine to be able to have the site pay for its own operating costs, but I’m very surprised it’s already begun to do that. Seriously, thank you to everyone that’s used that, it means a lot.


My biggest failure by far is my social media presence. It ultimately comes down to me not wanting to participate. I’m not a big fan of Twitter and Facebook in general and that extends to here. I think I’d like to try to improve this, but we’ll see.

From my research, Twitter isn’t all that great for promoting your stuff. I’ve actually talked to other bloggers about this who have an actual following and their click-through-rates are pretty similar to what I’ve experienced and read. While 2-3% of 5000 people are still 100-150 views that’s pretty demoralizing that so few of your followers decide to visit what you’ve made.

Pinterest though has surprisingly been awesome and has already gotten me more traffic than my personal Twitter despite having practically 0 followers. I’ve found myself actually spending time on there and doing stuff outside the realm of the blog. It’s seriously a great rabbit hole and the mobile app is great.

What’s Next?

So, enough with my ramblings. What’s next for Dungeon Solvers? Well, I’m not 100% sure just yet but here are some goals.

  1. Work on the e-mail list. That’s been a good resource and I realized now that I hadn’t been sending out the monthly newsletter since I switched e-mail services. My apologies on that!
  2. Site redesign (?). I’m not entirely sure if it’s needed, but while I like the design and layout of the site I’m not sure if it’s a great fit. I have some ideas, but it will take some time to implement everything.
  3. Get more active on social media. While it may not directly help me with the site, interacting with the community is ultimately a good thing.
  4. Continue posting 2 solid posts per week.
  5. Revisit everything in another 6 months when it’s been a full year back to writing!

Thank you, everyone, for reading, commenting, following, and everything else. I’m surprised by the success of Dungeon Solvers, but I’m happy nonetheless!

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