Update – 1st Year Down and Still Going Strong!

It’s been 1 year since I drunkenly decided to buy a domain and hosting service for this blog, which at the time, that I hadn’t touched in ~2 years. I needed a productive hobby. For some reason writing and making a website seemed to be the thing to do.

Throughout this 1st year I’ve learned more about D&D 5e, GMing, other RPGs. I’ve met some awesome people and gotten sneak-peaks at amazing new RPG products. I’ve become a better writer.

Not to mention all of the technical skills I’ve gained from creating, breaking, and maintaining a website. Hell, even my writing has noticeably improved!

I’ve enjoyed every part of this year-long endeavor. I have no intentions of stopping for the foreseeable future. Having a creative outlet has really helped me in other parts of my life, especially when there are lulls for periods of time at work.

Meeting My Goals

  1. Work on the e-mail list. That’s been a good resource and I realized now that I hadn’t been sending out the monthly newsletter since I switched e-mail services. My apologies on that!
  2. Site redesign (?). I’m not entirely sure if it’s needed, but while I like the design and layout of the site I’m not sure if it’s a great fit. I have some ideas, but it will take some time to implement everything.
  3. Get more active on social media. While it may not directly help me with the site, interacting with the community is ultimately a good thing.
  4. Continue posting 2 solid posts per week.
  5. Revisit everything in another 6 months when it’s been a full year back to writing!

Ok so maybe #5 was a sort of “free space”, but meeting 4/5 goals is solid!

The e-mail list is passively growing, albeit slowly. I think it would grow a lot quicker if I had some sort of unique offering that was included in it. However, that’s a lot of work and I think for now I have other areas I’d like to focus on.

The site redesign is 95% completed. I just need to get the new banner and site logo that I commissioned.

Also, this redesign was absolutely needed. Turns out, the old design was SLOW. This new design has significantly increased the speed of the website and has been an enormous factor towards Dungeon Solvers’ success

On the topic of social media, I did create a Pinterest and have been pretty active on that. In fact, it’s one of the best sources of referral traffic for the site!

However, the spirit of that social media goal was to interact with people more on Twitter and/or Facebook. I didn’t really do any of that. Though I have met with and worked with some great people through Twitter despite not being super active on it.

After the redesign and various optimizations, we’re approaching light speed!

Site Metrics

I started this website up again last year and it got 60-80 pageviews per day. 6 months ago I was ecstatic with ~300 pageviews and 200 visitors per day. As I write this post, the site has been hitting 750 pageviews and 500 visitors per day.

The vast majority of this traffic has search engine traffic which I’m seriously happy about. That was my primary goal in writing my articles. Passively attracting people to the site.

Things are trending up for this year!

That being said, I’ve had quite a few traffic spikes from an article being well-received on social media, primarily Pinterest, Facebook, and Reddit. None of this was my doing outside of Pinterest, so thank you to those that have shared my work.

Dungeon Solvers has also been entirely self-sustaining for quite some time now in terms of the financials. In fact, it’s turned a (very small) profit, which I’ve reinvested into the site. Hence the new banner and logo that should arrive soon!

As well as 3 years of hosting services paid up-front! Ya’ll are stuck with me.

What’s Next?

Now let’s set some goals for 6 months from now in the spirit of continuing to grow and succeed.

  1. Write at least 1 review per month.
  2. Edit/rewrite the remaining pre-2018 articles that warrant revisions.
  3. Go through underperforming articles once they’ve hit their year+ mark. Determine if they need a revision, a rewrite, or if I should cut my “losses”.
  4. Pay more attention to up and coming projects. I’ve had some cool stuff dropped on my lap due to sheer luck. I’m afraid of all the stuff I’ve missed out on!
  5. Continue to write 2 articles every week.

I’m sure you noticed that recently I’ve been churning out a lot more reviews than I typically do. This is primarily because I was approached by multiple people to review their products on top of reviews that I already had scheduled. Admittedly, I was hesitant to take on so many reviews in a month.

However, I’ve also found myself really enjoying reviewing modules and sourcebooks even though they take a lot more effort out of me compared to a typical article. I’ve been very open to reviewing most stuff that’s been thrown at me, but I may become a bit pickier if I find it to be too time-consuming.

We’ll see what gets thrown my way, or if I create some opportunities for myself in terms of review content.

Thank you all for reading, commenting/tweeting/e-mailing me compliments, thank you for sharing my articles, and thank you for the constructive criticism. All of it has helped me along the way and I appreciate it!


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  1. I only recently stumbled on this blog, and glad to hear you’ve made such strides. It’s tough taking a risk and starting something, but rewarding when it pays off. Thanks for the articles, they’re helpful and entertaining reflections for my own D&D games.

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