Improving Your D&D Campaign One Dungeon at a Time

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D&D Monster Monday Phoenix

D&D Monster Monday: Phoenix

May 3, 20234

A screech from above echoes throughout the volcanic valley as you desperately try to flee for cover. An enormous elemental with the appearance of a bird engulfed in fire swoops down from hundreds of feet above and carves through your companions. The phoenix is too…

D&D Monster Monday The Minotaur

D&D Monster Monday: The Minotaur

May 1, 20231

You slow walk down dark and narrow hallway. Nervously, you round the corner and feel…

D&D Monster Monday Merregon

D&D Monster Monday: Merregon

May 4, 20232

How could this happen? Everything the spellcaster throws at them is shrugged off. These devilish…

D&D Monster Monday Owlbear

D&D Monster Monday: Owlbear

May 6, 20235

You’re awoken by an eardrum-piercing screech. The bushes by your campsite rustle as a behemoth…

D&D Monster Monday Bugbear

D&D Monster Monday: Bugbear

May 5, 20230

You cleared the dungeon handily. It was supposed to just be a quick walk through…