Improving Your D&D Campaign One Dungeon at a Time

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D&D Monster Monday Efreeti

D&D Monster Monday: Efreeti

May 6, 20230

A wall of flames appears before you as you sprint toward the exit. Aghast, you look behind you to see a towering efreeti twirling their scimitar as they walk toward you, cackling. Perhaps burglarizing a literal master of fire was not your brightest idea.…

D&D Monster Monday Bugbear

D&D Monster Monday: Bugbear

May 5, 20230

You cleared the dungeon handily. It was supposed to just be a quick walk through…

D&D Monster Monday Green Slaad

D&D Monster Monday: Green Slaad

May 5, 20230

Finally, you’ve snuck your way into the wizard’s dungeon and located the prisoner. You jimmy…

D&D Monster Monday Sire of Insanity

D&D Monster Monday: Sire of Insanity

May 5, 20230

You’ve successfully infiltrated the nightclub that this so-called Sire of Insanity is hosting. Debauchery and…

D&D Monster Monday Amber Golem (Stone Golem)

D&D Monster Monday: Amber Golem (Stone Golem)

May 6, 20230

The eagle-faced golem’s eyes glow a potent burst of red. You feel lethargic as if…