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I used to write a blog/website/thing called Plagued Candles during the Wrath of the Lich King/(early) Cataclysm expansion of World of Warcraft. This was back when I was a sophomore/junior in High School. Eventually, I ended up quitting WoW and therefore the website entirely. I had a ton of fun doing it, I learned a lot, and made a ton of friends, but if you don’t play the game anymore you surely cannot write about it effectively.

Then I attempted to do some sort of YouTube/Blog combination called Flawless Victory Gaming which was nowhere near as successful as my WoW endeavors. Still, though I had a lot of fun with my friends that helped me with that project and even learned a bit about video editing which was pretty sweet. But then Freshman year of college came around and I just could not keep up with it due to well, you know, college freshman things (drinking, studying, drinking) so that died down.

Then I missed writing a ton and tried to do some real-life blogs and websites about things relevant to my major (Computer Engineering Tech). They were awful. Far too serious. Hell, I hated writing them so I just gave up like a month into every attempt.

So that brings us to today in my junior year of college (the fact I’m in summer school is totally okay, I got an internship during my spring semester, my school is weird). Today is the day that I’m putting my foot down and trying to combine my two loves into one: Engineering/Technology and Fantasy gaming. Maybe it’ll lean towards one more than the other, but I hope that I can actually put some effort into this idea because I think it’s a unique one.

What’s going down?

Well, last semester I was able to convince my roommates (I have a lot of roommates) to play some Dungeons and Dragons: 3.5e and it was a blast. I  was totally rusty as a dungeon master, but everyone had fun. This semester one of them actually took over for me and I get to be a player for once! Plus we’re playing the *new* 5th edition which is fricken’ sweet. I’m a Dragonborn Cleric with 6 INT so there’ll be quite a bit of talk about that. I’m also in a different session with some friends using Roll20 as a Human Fighter. I’ll definitely talk about Dungeons and Dragons a lot. That sort of is the reason I am here at Engineering school at all.

During my internship, one of my roommates kept pestering me about how he was having fun playing WoW since he knew I used to play back in the day. I had completely sworn off the game until I realized I’d go home after going to the gym for an hour or so and just… do nothing. I said to hell with my rules and picked it up again and instantly fell in love with it. Granted there are some problems with the game, but it’s still my favorite MMO to date. I’ll probably talk a little bit about that too since the raiding guild we’re in is pretty sweet.


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