Here are some of our favorite tools and software for D&D 5e. Some of these I have made, but most of them are D&D 5e tools that I frequently use as both a player and a DM. If you have a D&D 5e tool or software that you think we might like, please contact us!

Dungeon Solvers’ Tools & Software

Great Weapon Master and Sharpshooter 5e Calculator – Calculate when you should be using the Great Weapon Master and Sharpshooter Power Attack options in combat.

Reviews and Tutorials

Kobold Fight Club: Balanced Encounters on the Fly

Making Battle Maps with Dungeon Painter Studio

Making Custom Monsters Using DND Monster Maker

Inkarnate is Awesome

Is Inkarnate Pro Worth It?

Using Music to Describe Your RPG’s Setting

Recommended Tools & Software

AnyDice – Want to run some dice simulations? Use this calculator with a great functional library!

DND Monster Maker – D&D 5e monster creation tool. Created your own homebrew monsters, abilities, etc.

Dungeon Painter Online and Dungeon Painter Studio – Create impressive battle maps using pre-made assets and textures.

GM Binder – Use pseudo-HTML code to format your homebrews! There are templates to help even the most novice coders make beautiful documents.

The Homebrewery – Use pseudo-HTML code to format your homebrews to look like official D&D 5e work!

Inkarnate – Easy to use software for making great looking maps.

Kobold Fight Club – A random encounter generator that generates balanced encounters based on the party info and filters you provide.

Roll20 – A virtual tabletop program that is free to use for both GMs and players alike!

5e Monster Manual Spellbook – PDFs for every spellcasting creature in the 5e Monster Manual made by Blog of Holding